To The Editor:

To the person or people who, within the last month, helped themselves to a small blue scooter stored at a Washington Avenue residence in Union, I’d like to let you know what you’ve stolen from our family.

My brother and father built that scooter more than 40 years ago, likely before you were even born. My brother treasures the memories he made assembling it and riding it with Dad. Twenty-five years ago, my two nephews started making memories with Grandpa when they were old enough to ride. They desperately wanted their own young sons to also remember riding that little scooter.

In mid-December one of my nephews even showed his little boy the bike and told him he’d be able to ride it before too long. But now the scooter is gone. All my brother and nephews will have are their memories. And my great-nephews will never get the chance to enjoy riding it through the field — three generations affected by this selfish act.

To look at it, you’d know the scooter has almost no monetary value — chrome bicycle handles, a couple of tires, a vinyl-covered oval foam seat and a small gas engine. But the memories it gave our family are priceless.

I shutter to think you walked the scooter out of the garage while our mother was lying on her deathbed just 20 yards away.

We don’t want to press charges. We won’t even ask any questions. Our family just desperately wants the scooter back. We beg you to do the right thing and return it to the place where you found it.

Carol Scheer Dennigmann