To The Editor:

In response to John Griesheimer’s appearance Friday, Jan. 31, on a local radio station, please allow the following comments:

1. Griesheimer accused LEO of being composed of left-wing liberal Democrats. The fact is that LEO members cover the entire political spectrum from liberal to conservative to libertarian (although in truth, political affiliation has nothing to do with the debate).

2. Griesheimer accused LEO of trying to close the Ameren plant in Labadie. Once again, he falls on the wrong side of the truth. LEO has repeatedly stated that Ameren is and should remain part of the community. Our wish is that they recognize the danger inherent in their misguided approach to coal ash disposal.

3. Griesheimer attempted to frighten citizens with the specter of increased utility bills. With a bit of research and modest expense, Ameren should be able to continue generating energy with coal and at the same time remove the waste from the floodplain.

4. Griesheimer made the comment that “Johnny-come-lately” residents and outsiders are attempting to disrupt the status quo. May I remind the commissioner that unless we make progress we go in reverse. Anything which would improve the status of our community should be accepted even if the idea didn’t come over from the Mayflower.

5. In the past, Griesheimer has supported the Ameren claim that coal ash material is harmless — and in the next breath describes the great lengths Ameren proposes to keep the material from our water supply. If it is harmless, why the need for precaution, and if it is dangerous, why put it in the floodplain?

It is time to remind Griesheimer and other members of the commission that their first and foremost singular task is to protect the health and safety of our citizens. Anything less than that is a dereliction of duty.