To The Editor:

Six members of the city council have made up their minds to build the Camp Street bridge. But in their haste to “turn back the clock” to rebuild a bridge we haven’t had for 50 years, they haven’t considered these two points.

One, by building that bridge they will be destroying one of the most beautiful natural spots in Washington. Huge, beautiful trees line the creek where the bridge will be built and along the access to the bridge. Cars often stop to watch the occasional deer and wild turkeys in this area. After the city mows the grass in this area, it looks like a park. Have the council members really looked at this area to see what the city would be losing by its destruction?

Two, the city will probably have to install stop signs or stoplights on both the north end and south end of the one-block Camp Street. Anyone familiar with driving up the hill on the street knows how bad the visibility is trying to turn left onto Eighth Street; it is a blind corner on the right. Visibility is also obstructed by a blind corner when turning onto Camp Street from Ninth Street.

I hope the city council explores both of these environmental and safety issues before proceeding with the bridge.