To The Editor:

Monday night, Dec. 17, the Washington City Council put a cork in the annexation debate by adopting a voluntary approach to future growth of the city. It was an interesting move.

Voluntary annexation does have a place in future growth plans for Washington. It does not, however, address Washington’s vision for the future. Voluntary annexation can result in city boundaries that more resemble a checkerboard than a city with uniform limits. What’s more, voluntary annexation can leave the city landlocked, dramatically increasing the future costs of annexation and discouraging economic growth.

Hopefully those leading the charge on annexation can show the voters that annexation is important to Washington’s future prosperity and growth. The voters should be aware that a Washington that can’t grow will predictably see increasing costs of infrastructure spread over a stagnant population.

Sound urban development is essential to residential and economic development. Voluntary annexation is only part of the puzzle, a small part.