To The Editor:

As Missourians, we should be proud that our elected leaders are passionate about winning the battle against meth — a horrendous drug that wreaks havoc on our families and communities. While we’re all committed to reaching that goal, it’s important that our approach balances the need for aggressive law enforcement with the basic rights of responsible citizens.

Of particular concern is legislation recently introduced by Rep. Dave Schatz, HB1952, which would require all Missourians to obtain a prescription before buying over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine (PSE).

We believe a prescription mandate would impact all Missourians, but for our members, the burden would be especially acute. Thousands of people who would normally drive to their pharmacy to buy common cold and allergy medicines would have to start consulting with their doctors before doing so.

Those who typically depend on health care services more than others, the influx of new patients would make it more difficult for them to receive the quality care they deserve. Lack of access to quality health care would be difficult for members with mobility issues.

We encourage the Missouri General Assembly to pursue solutions that punish criminals, not responsible citizens, especially our seniors.