To The Editor:

Online there are reports that the federal government shutdown costs the country about $1.6 billion per week. Am I being unpatriotic calling our government a bunch of immature baboons? How does this look to other countries?

It doesn’t put any impression marks on our country’s resume. Are “we the people” responsible for how our government spends money? They don’t face up to their own blunders. Yet, “we the people” will be held accountable.

“We the people” is pretty much old hat. We have to just sit back and go for the ride. Like any other job, if those elected into any office cannot properly operate and perform the duties they are assigned, they should be terminated! Yet their jobs are secure; do we see any in the Senate or Congress put on furloughs?

As an example, I was on unemployment benefits. When they expired, I qualified for federal government extension benefits. I receive alert notices in the mail of weeks that will not be paid. Their explanation:

“Why is this happening? The Federal Budget Control Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-25) requires across-the-board reductions to many federal programs, including the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program.”

They go on to say, there is nothing anyone can do about it! A lot of create job promises from a lot of politicians, we see little or no progress, but they take money from the unemployed looking for work to save money.

“We the people,” or the normal Jane and Joe, we don’t have the deep pockets and power to do squat about it! Sorry to beat the dead horse, “we the people” are running out of horses to beat!

A lot of American citizens and aid programs will suffer. Their bloodline, so to speak, will be cut off so our government can save their own behinds. “We the people” should take another look at who was voted in, and see if they need to be replaced.

Hope our government doesn’t treat this letter as hostile! If I don’t see any drones flying over my apartment, keeping tabs on me, guess I’m safe, unemployed while the government holds back money from me, but safe!

Doug Rich