To The Editor:

How many of us can relate to our high school and teenage years? Getting that drivers license was cool, but getting your first car, that was like a major event! Some may have been fortunate enough to have a parent purchase that car, others had to leave the nest and get a job!

With the possibility of minimum wage reaching $9 per hour, and a large number of grown adults out of work, could the job market for our youth in school be affected? Taking the food industry, be it a regular restaurant or fast food for example, could we see more adults, even as a last resort taking jobs younger people usually apply for?

If the price of everything around us goes up, is it not fair to raise the minimum wage as a means of compensation? With a wage increase, we could see prices increase anyway! Somewhere down the road, when we go out for a burger and fries, could the young workers behind the counter with the braces and acne problems become an endangered species?

I’m not making fun of anyone, I was one of those pimply face and braces kids myself!