To The Editor:

A report of a Muslim female in St. Louis County arrested on a charge, something about not registering her vehicle. At the station they had her remove her head scarf. She felt very violated like she was stripped searched. Now she expects a bunch of apologies. I hope she doesn’t hold her breath while waiting!

If indeed she is a citizen of the United States, she should be covered by the First Amendment in regard to her religious beliefs. Does she feel violated living here in our country, where she has way more rights than she would living in some Third World, Middle East country? In a lot of those Muslim countries a woman arrested could be subject to prison and torture.

This lady is in our country now, she should take a deep breath and look around at where she lives. Scarf or no head scarf she would be treated like a human being. Do we need to apologize for not treating her like a second-class citizen? Do we apologize for our country that is not in constant chaos, with wars and bombing?

This Muslim woman should apologize to us for not counting her blessings. The rights and freedom she has here, do we apologize for that? We have men and women in our military fighting for these people overseas, again just what do we or St. Louis County have to apologize for?