To The Editor:

Today is the fourth or fifth day of the partial government shutdown. Has anyone really noticed any changes?

Unless one is going to a national monument or park, everything seems to be functioning as normal. Maybe the parks and monuments need a break from human traffic so we can live with this inconvenience. They tell us that 700 to 800 thousand nonessential government workers are staying home without pay. I don’t believe the without pay part.

Any deal the government eventually makes will include full back pay, which will be another paid vacation for all these federal workers.

The thing a normal person has to ask is, if these are nonessential workers, why don’t we let them go permanently? With a $17 trillion debt and billions of dollars this year in deficit spending, maybe it is time to get serious about cutting all nonessential spending and reduce significantly the overall size of government. The longer this partial shutdown goes on, the more evident it will become that we don’t need all this nanny state government. This really worries the political class. They like to feel very important and that we can’t make it without them.

But the truth is, we can make it just fine without most of the government people. Life goes on. Normal people with real private sector jobs still go to work every day and the stock market has hardly noticed 750 thousand bureaucrats are home waiting for their free back pay.

I hope they stay out for several months and help us come to realize we can live without most of them.

Richard Trigg

Villa Ridge