To The Editor:

I am grateful for politicians who oppose abortion and promote respect for life.

For this reason, I was inspired to write a rebuttal to the letter by Ms. Greenbaum, in which she voices her opposition to politicians who “are interfering in a woman’s private health care decisions.”

Abortion is not just a private decision, there is a baby involved. Abortion destroys life by taking the life of a pre-born baby. Since 1973, over 54 million lives have been lost to abortion in the United States. Life is among the inalienable and God-given rights listed in our Constitution, along with liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Politicians who are elected to represent the people and to protect our rights and liberty, are doing the job they were elected to do when they promote respect for life and oppose abortion. Abortion is a tragedy, a human rights violation. Life is destroyed — women and families are victims also.

There is hope and help available for women with unplanned pregnancies and their families. Abortion is not the answer.

I support and commend our courageous political leaders who oppose abortion and promote respect for life. It is important to show them our support as they fight against the evil of abortion.

Ultimately good will triumph over evil. The triumph of good over evil is chronicled in the annals of history with the abolition of slavery and the defeat of the Nazi regime. The right and natural choice is life, and in the words of Pope John Paul II, “Life will be victorious.”