To The Editor:

I was very disappointed in the latest decision by the Washington School District to have graduation indoors due to the renovations of the football field.

I am in support of the need for the track and football field renovations but not at the expense of the graduation of your seniors.

Washington School District has decided to limit graduation to six family members and seating will be in the primary and auxiliary gym. This could mean that some families will get to watch their son or daughter graduate from a TV monitor.

Spend the money and schedule graduation at the fairgrounds, make it a beautiful event, not in a crowded gym where many families such as mine will not be able to have the entire family be a part of this once in a lifetime event.

Come on, Washington, do it right for our kids and if the weather allows, do graduation in a local venue where we can see our kids graduate and not watch them from a TV monitor.

Barry Klussman