To The Editor:

This letter is intended for Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Madam Senator, I am shocked by the recent vote that has thrown on the trash heap the rules that have governed the Senate all these years.

Madison and Jefferson have no doubt rolled over in their graves and if heard today, would have stood in opposition of the vote.

It is times like these that the system did work. Reid’s power grab is exactly what these Fathers warned against, and you, Madam, are complicit in this action.

Surely you see that this action has repercussions to our Republic. The voice of the minority will never again be heard, or if it is, will be discarded as your oath was discarded, when you voted for this rule change.

My right to be heard is God-given and no action taken by Reid, you and others will abridge those rights. One day the minority will be the majority, and that which was, will never be the same.

On your conscience will rest the noble experiment that the Founding Fathers dreamed of and achieved. You, Madam, have demeaned their efforts, and have put the country at risk. Liberty and freedom are now things which will be talked about in the past tense. You have aided a tyrant and you have not served the people of Missouri honorably.

Your party spoke vehemently against this very action a few years back and yet the hypocrisy of their words are an echo to be ignored. It is anything but honorable. You are an embarrassment.