To The Editor:

Two well-known economists predict economic collapse of our country if we continue the way we are going.

We are now over $14 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Socialism is killing us. China is moving away from socialism and is now the No. 1 nation economical giant in the world.

We can no longer use a knife on our humongous debt — an axe must be used. At some point China will call in our debt, and you can imagine what that will do to our country.

We continue to move in lock step with other socialistic countries who are now bankrupt themselves. We have been plainly told by God that we must not do that. Yet we continue to do so on a huge scale regardless of the coming debacle.

Read Romans 13:8 and Proverbs 1:7-19. Thomas Jefferson knew all about this. Why can’t we understand the same?

Above all, we should not crawl in a hole and hope it will go away.