To The Editor:

Almost weekly I read in The Missourian where either one or both, Mr. Art LeBeau or Mr. Eric Reichert have an issue with the county commission.

It is obvious that there are sour grapes that exist between the above-mentioned parties. It is my observation that Mr. Art LeBeau wants everyone to know that he has a lot of legal knowledge. Knowledge is good if applied to some worthwhile project.

I wonder if these two men realize that each issue or lawsuit that is filed takes the time of the county commission, the county attorney, the Supreme Court, etc., is at the expense of we, the taxpayers?

Are these issues really at the heart of the lawsuits or do they have a more personal meaning?

There are many important items that demand the time of the county commission, other than looking over their shoulders to see what is coming next from these two gentlemen.

Again, I ask the question, “How many does it help and how many does it hurt?”

Sometimes it is time to move on in life and accomplish something that’s worthwhile and benefits everyone.

Most of the people in Franklin County could care less about the legal wrangling that wastes taxpayer money. My advice is, “get over it.”