To The Editor:

In a sad regard to the shootings in Sandy Hook, and/or any of the past and recent shootings, there is always that question, “Why?” In the cases where the shooter takes his own life, there are no answers to that question! All we are left with is a lot of speculation, and/or the blame game. If anyone wants to point fingers, where do we begin? One common thread I picked up on was a steady diet of video games and obsessions with firearms. Yes, this is personal speculation also.

Along with the Internet, child or any pornography, violent video games, the more sex, more blood and guts seems to be the modern trend. Is our world these days responsible for creating a generation out of touch with reality, or the maturity to distinguish fact from fiction? Be it blood and gore, or pornography, if someone is drawn in by curiosity, to view it once and/or turn it off is a sensible option. A steady all day, every day diet of this garbage can only lead to problems down the road. Like an old saying, “If one hangs around the barbershop long enough, eventually one will get a haircut!” So, do we point fingers at Hollywood, the video games, manufacturers of firearms? That may not be fair at all! All the drills and preparation many go through in the event someone does go “postal” and go on a rampage, can anyone prevent when and where someone may snap, so to speak? Is mental health included in the “Obama Care Plan”?

If our world these days, in a sense, is responsible for creating its own Frankensteins, who do we blame when the mobster turns on anyone, at any time? The sad note is, the monster kills itself, and then there are no answers for “why.” Do we blame God or our government? There is no closure, no prosecution or justice. All that is left is the families and loved ones of the victims asking that question, “Why?” Anyone out there have an answer to that question?

Doug Rich