To The Editor:

I want to thank Rep. Bart Korman for co-sponsoring (Senate Bill 207/House Bill 398), Infrastructure Strengthening and Regulatory Streamlining (ISRS) legislation.

This important bill introduced by Sen. Mike Kehoe/Rep. Jeanie Riddle will ensure that communities across Missouri, including ours, will reap the benefits of an updated, 21st century electricity infrastructure.

These benefits would start immediately for us, the consumers. ISRS legislation would make it easier for utility companies to cost-effectively improve our rapidly aging electricity infrastructure.

These upgrades will help to keep our rates low, stable and predictable. Missouri’s electric rates are already less than the national average and ISRS will help continue this trend, ensuring fewer rate spikes, not to mention making our supply more reliable than it is today.

Thank you, Bart, for helping our community and state move in the right direction to secure a fruitful and effective energy future.

I appreciate you keeping your constituents’ well-being at the forefront of your decision making.