To The Editor:

I’m sick and tired of hearing privileged people demanding that they want to raise revenues by cutting so-called entitlements.

To clarify this for the people who do most of the labor and personal sacrifice in our wars and national defense efforts, I’m talking about your earned benefits from Social Security insurance and Medicare. I’m speaking to the soldiers, cops, teachers and all who give more than they receive.

Now, these rulers in our government want you to believe that your right to vote is an entitlement. The wealthy, who benefit the most from our relatively secure and prosperous society, were entitled to get rich while less fortunate sons and daughters sacrificed their health and safety to build and defend this affluent nation. These honorable and hard-laboring essentials currently are and will come to depend on these justly earned benefits.

No, Mr. Wealthy Conservative, these aren’t entitlements and just because you were fortunate enough to be born in the land of plenty that doesn’t mean the rest of us didn’t earn what little we have. I know it wouldn’t be fair for me to criticize without offering some solutions, so I suggest we make meager adjustments to the payroll tax cap and means testing for the truly entitled.

Lawrence M. LaChance