To The Editor:

I haven’t always been a dog owner. In my pre-dog owning days, I might have asked why dogs need a park. Now when people ask that, I say the greatest benefit of our dog park is to people who go there with their dogs. Since I’ve been taking my dog to Burger Park, I’ve made a new circle of friends.

I also believe that even with all its imperfections, Burger Park is the best-used park in Washington. Despite having no water, no shade, no seating, muddy conditions and no sign indicating it is a dog park, it’s occupied on a daily basis more than any other park. Mayor Lucy even expressed surprise at the number of people who were there when she drove by on a cold day.

Land is available for a true dog park with water, shade and seating — Optimist Park, Lakeview Soccer area, and areas within Bernie Hillermann Park, to name a few.

Along with other residents whose names appear here, I encourage the city of Washington to act promptly and establish a fully equipped dog park for its residents to enjoy this summer.