To The Editor:

On Thursday, July 10, my wife, youngest daughter and I met a group of friends downtown at the Music at the Market. One of the families has recently relocated from the United Kingdom (UK), so we have done our best to expose them to some of the great community events that take place in Washington.

Our new friends have been very impressed with the community and the people of Washington. Being transplants from out of state ourselves, we understand the challenges of relocation. Washington made it easy for us 24 years ago and I believe it is making it easy for our friends from the UK.

Something took place Thursday evening that reinforces the greatness of this community. My youngest daughter and our friends’ youngest son decided they wanted to grab something to eat at Cowan’s restaurant in downtown, so we allowed them to walk the block or so to the restaurant.

We stopped in to visit with them briefly just when they had received their food. Knowing that we may be “cramping their style” we left them to eat and told them to meet us after they had finished.

When they arrived they asked if we had paid for their dinner and we had not. Apparently someone in the restaurant picked up the tab for a cute little couple that were out for dinner.

We have no idea who paid the bill but it is very much appreciated and very impressive that there are people in our community who are willing to make this kind of gesture expecting nothing in return.

Everyone who was with us that evening were absolutely amazed, especially our new friends from the UK whose son was with my daughter at the restaurant.

Bravo to whomever picked up the tab. This is what makes Washington a wonderful place to live.