To The Editor:

I voted yes for the Washington bond issue even though my kids are grown and attended another public school district.

I voted yes because in March of 1967 I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force with only $811 to my name and no personal belongings. With that and the G.I. Bill I was able to get an education and make a life for myself in this wonderful country.

I voted yes because I am a member of a community and community support is critical for good schools. Good schools are critical for a strong country and I owe this country a lot. I voted yes because all four of our children attended public schools; two lawyers, one author/teacher and another social worker.

I owe a great deal to the public school system. I voted yes because the Washington School District did a good job of explaining the issues — that was its job. I voted yes because you cannot live in the land of milk and honey for free.

I remember flying home to the United States with a bunch of G.I.s. I had not had a hot shower in over a year. When we saw the coast of America we all spontaneously applauded. We were lucky and thankful to be home.

I voted yes because I am a parent and a community member, and I owe a great deal to this country, this community, our school district and most of all our young people.