To The Editor:

This past week a rodeo cowboy, named Tuffy Glessner, put on a mask and made the crowd laugh at the Missouri State Fair Rodeo. The problem is, the mask was a caricature of President Barack Obama. What a silly uproar this has stirred up.

Federal and state representatives across the nation have made their politically correct statements. Our “do nothing” governor from Missouri had to weigh in too. It seems like everyone has an opinion. (You know what they say about opinions . . . they are like belly buttons and everyone’s got one.) I believe the only person who hasn’t offered a speech on the topic is the POTUS himself.

If you are a public figure you have to expect people to poke fun at you and to criticize you. Part of leadership is to be able to laugh at yourself. Maybe that is the problem in itself. Our POTUS hasn’t shown a lot of leadership. (I forgot he is Muslim and is now calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to hold another election. I guess that is leadership.) Oh, well! Let’s move on.

It is a traditional form of comedy to do parodies and caricatures of the POTUS. As far back as I can remember comedians have hammered on the president. Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Jay Leno, the list goes on and on, have all made money slamming the various presidents and their policies. Cartoonists in magazines and newspapers have done some real dandies enhancing the physical components of presidents’ past and present faces. Bush had big ears. Nixon always was giving the peace sign. Lincoln had the “lonesome George face.” Mark Twain was a great presidential critic. Groucho Marx got off some real zingers about the president too.

This letter is starting to ramble. I will now offer my opinion. It is just plain silly to make such a fuss over this incident. I don’t believe there was any racist malice intended. Nobody should lose their job over it. Let’s all be adults and grow up. Let’s get off the politically correct bandwagon. I bet the same people who are showing all the so-called outrage are the same ones who are laughing their tail ends off watching “Saturday Night Live” which even hires a special actor to parody the president.

Let’s get in the real world. I would like to see our politicians do something truly constructive rather than make statements about something which is nothing. Enough said.

Marty Riggs