To The Editor:

Once again Washington High School and the community knocked it out of the park by hosting a fantastic state Student Council convention.

Students from all over the state were treated to wonderful hospitality given by hundreds of host families and generous businesses helping welcome these kids to our school and community.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event. Individuals and businesses answered the call and everyone wins when that happens. Their work will help future leaders make their schools and communities better. Students were treated to food, fun and learning activities designed to build character and leadership.

There are so many people to thank, but special mention goes to the Rotary Club for feeding nearly 1,000 folks, the city of Washington for opening doors for the visitors, The Missourian for all the great coverage of the event, all the volunteers who helped house, feed and care for the kids and the great staff of Washington High School for their patience and generosity.

Most of the credit goes to the awesome Student Council of Washington High School and its sponsors, Cathy Jinkerson and Julie Weindel. Your vision and leadership makes a tremendous difference in promoting positive change in schools and communities.

Thanks again to everyone who made this event such a wonderful experience.

Proud to be a Blue Jay!