To The Editor:

It seems that some people in Washington were disappointed because the tax did not pass so we could vote on it.

MoDOT says it does not have money to fix roads and bridges yet it paid for hangars at Washington airport — and that’s not the first time it spent money over there. It also spent money on a project in Labadie and changed turn signals to flashing amber; I wonder at what cost. What does that have to do with roads and bridges?

You could go on and on about how it spends your tax dollars any way it sees fit. I think if this comes up for a vote, the people should get together like we did on charter government and get it voted down. MoDOT needs to be held accountable for how it uses your tax dollars. If you think our roads are so bad, take a drive across Illinois or Indiana. Indiana has potholes from one end of the state to the other on Interstate 70.

Now Franklin County wants to spend money to do a study on Highway 47 when it does not have money to build 47 anyway! And it does not have money to give to Sheriff Toelke to keep his deputies — now this is dumb!

I am sure the guy who said, “If they don’t like it they can leave” is smart enough that he could run the sheriff’s department all by himself!

Another thing: The Brush Creek Sewer District was not built right from the start — just go back and look at some old newspapers. They even tried to make Bill Brunjes the patsy.

So, John, you’re now attacking Mr. Adams because he won’t buy it from the county because of all the problems.