To The Editor:

When I attended the meeting for the Ameren rate increase this past year (fall 2012) that was held at the college in Union, I asked the men who were speaking for Ameren about the fuel adjustment charges on our bills.

Those of you who were there heard these two men say that the FAC charge would stop when the rate increase was approved. This meeting was recorded.

Well, that was not true as your electric bills clearly show. Now Ameren wants a new fee. That will go to our state representatives and senators for passage, not to the people.

Please call, 1-800-330-5562, and enter your ZIP code to connect to your representatives and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 207! Now we will see if our elected officials represent the people who elected them or themselves.

Billy J. Trautman

St. Clair

P.S. The energy efficiency “investment” charge was forced on us. I have not received any money back on my “investment,” have you?