To The Editor:

The night was a sparkler!

Patriotism, faith, remembrance, humor and fun rang out from lofty heights to a “full house” at Our Lady of Lourdes on Sunday, June 30.

This event was the outstanding 17th performance of Combined Christian Choir under the direction of Paige Byrne Shortal. The program moved rapidly with laughter, singing, instrumentals, lyric contest finals, and safe and flashy fireworks for the kiddies.

We thank everyone who was part of this celebration. As a bonus to the music, we felt a reawakening of freedom and trust and hope, basic essentials of American life.

You could sense the common web of national pride spread into the air and lay gently on every heart — even down to the clear, solemn playing of taps where we are assured that “All is well — safely rest — God is nigh.”