To The Editor:

Last year Franklin County gave the Brush Creek Sewer District $50,000. At that time the county said the district would repay the county when it had the funds.

I questioned this and asked for the county to provide a repayment plan. Now I see the county is giving $68,000 to Brush Creek Sewer District, again with no repayment plan.

The district is raising rates, but in a call to the district it said this rate increase should make the district a break-even operation. I’m asking again, when will the Brush Creek Sewer district repay the county taxpayers?

The county taxpayers should not be paying for the mismanagement of the district.

The Franklin County commissioners are the Sewer District Board, and they are using the county taxpayers to cover their mismanagement of the Brush Creek Sewer District. It now stands at $118,000 in two years.

When will the Brush Creek Sewer District repay the Franklin County taxpayers and what interest rate is being used to calculate the repayment?