To The Editor:

Apparently, Illinois has made it OK for illegal immigrants to apply and/or obtain a drivers license. All they need is an ID. How the heck do they even get an ID without any legitimate documents, like a birth certificate, Social Security number, etc.?

The news reports there are about 250,000 illegals living in Illinois. Personally, Illinois and corruption go hand in hand, like the Al Capone era never went away!

Along with our shady neighbor, up into Minnesota and Wisconsin there are many food-processing plants that have many illegals working for them. Are they working for cheaper wages than American legal workers make? That is a no-brainer! American jobs leaving the country may be outsourcing, but we got it going on within our own borders! It’s safe to assume a lot of states have a good idea about how many illegals they have! In a sense, it may be cheaper for states and taxpayers to keep them here. Arrests and deporting, how many states can afford to keep that cycle going? If illegals draw a paycheck, without the normal tax deductions, how can that benefit Illinois, or any other state having money problems?

We should have a lot of “We the people” to picket and/or boycott these plants and factories for passing over unemployed Americans for the illegals! As I write, the tune for “Jeopardy” plays in my head. “What if ‘We the people,’ just shut up, go along for the ride, and don’t upset the apple cart?” Oh, and along with illegals getting drivers licenses, they also make it OK for gay illegals to get married, that was supposed to be for gay legal citizens. Oh, well, maybe the illegals will make great Cubs fans as well!

Doug Rich