To The Editor:

On April 8, the citizens of Franklin County voted in favor of Scenic Regional Library’s first tax increase since 1959. It was an incredible show of support and demonstrated the public’s belief in the importance of properly funded libraries.

We are eager to begin implementing all the wonderful improvements in library service to the residents of Franklin County and our other counties.

Scenic Regional Library’s staff and Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone in our communities who helped with the effort.

The library’s proposition would not have been approved without all the people who placed yard signs on their lawns, convinced their friends and relatives to vote for the measure, and shared information about the measure with their Facebook friends.

Some library patrons, such as Elaine Davis in Union, spoke to groups to which they belong about the measure entirely on their own. Thank you! We thank everyone who did their part to get the word out and campaign for the library.

We thank all the great people we met at the service organizations and other groups throughout the campaign for allowing us to speak to their members about the ballot measure. Specifically, we would like to thank Pacific Board of Aldermen, Washington Lions Club, New Haven Lions Club, and St. Clair Mayor Ron Blum for their official or public endorsements of our ballot measure.

We also thank:

The Washington Library Board for its endorsement of our measure and distributing our informational brochures at its facility. We thank Jackie Hawes, current Washington Library director, for her support.

In addition to the ballot measure, Ms. Hawes and the Washington Library Board have continued to support the great cooperative agreement between their library and Scenic Regional Library.

Sandy Lucy, mayor of Washington, for providing us with valuable contacts for speaking engagements in the city of Washington.

Nell Redhage, former Washington Library director, for her support and scheduling us to speak at the Washington Lions Club.

Diane Jones at KLPW for her support and allowing the library to appear on her show to talk about the ballot measure.

Union Councilman Paul Arand for serving as the political action committee’s treasurer.

Union Superintendent of Schools Steve Bryant for allowing us to briefly provide information about the measure to teachers at their faculty meetings.

All the people who wrote letters to the editor in support of the measure, including Jean Marquart (Union), former Scenic Regional Library director Ken Rohrbach (Union), and many others.

Last, but not least, we thank The Missourian. While The Missourian always provides generous coverage of the library’s programs and events, the staff went above and beyond to provide voters with information about the library proposition in recent months.

Bill Miller, Sr., truly championed our cause throughout the entire campaign, including an editorial in which he endorsed the measure. In addition, the newspaper’s hard-working staff, including Gregg Jones (Union editor), Keith Domke (St. Clair editor), Pauline Masson (Pacific editor), Karen Cernich (features editor), and Chris Stuckenschneider (book editor) all wrote wonderful articles about the library’s ballot measure. Vicki Neff was also instrumental in the design, creation, and mailing of the library’s informational brochures for the campaign.

Without The Missourian’s coverage and support, I can say with certainty that the measure would not have passed. We appreciate that The Missourian values literacy and libraries.

Thank you!