To The Editor:

Citizens of Washington, we have an important decision facing us concerning annexation on the Aug. 5 ballot.

This issue has taken a turn that I thought I would never see in this great community of Washington. Saturday night someone came on my property and removed the pro-annexation sign from my yard.

I noticed Sunday morning that a large pro-annexation sign had been removed from its post on Jefferson Street.

We live in a country that is blessed to have First Amendment rights of free speech and opinions. I have always respected both sides of the annexation argument, although there has been some misinformation freely flowing, especially from the annexation opponents. It is sad that individuals in this community have taken away the right of freedom of speech of others over this annexation issue.

I was part of the annexation movement when Dawn Valley was annexed into the city in the early 1980s. At that time, I had built a new home in the subdivision, and lived outside the city limits. I was in favor of being annexed with the expectation of receiving improved city services.

I campaigned door to door in Dawn Valley, had numerous doors slammed in my face, and had other expletives thrown my way. Here we are 30 years later, and I have to say, being annexed by the city was the best thing that ever happened for me, Dawn Valley, and the city of Washington.

The city followed through on every point of its intent, just as it had said. There were no lies, under the table deals, or mistruths, just facts, the same as being done today.

Please allow the freedom of speech and opinions to continue without the vandalism. Put aside personal vendettas, think of the future of our community, and do what is right for the community as a whole.

Please vote on Aug. 5.