To The Editor:

This is regarding the recent angry letters from those who feel this is a “Christian” county and country, and, therefore, entitles them to practice their religion in public as they see fit.

I was raised to believe Christians are a more loving, thoughtful and tolerant people than that.

I’m sure a majority of the makers and those who ratified our Constitution were Christians (though not Jefferson and Madison) and felt deeply about their faith.

Yet, after a long, agonizing process, our Constitution became a reality.

Nowhere in it is any mention of Jesus, or Christianity, or of any religion at all. That was no accident. They hated the entanglement of church and state in Europe!

The wonderful Constitution was meant to be secular, not religious. America has since been based on secular law, not religious law. This is protection for all of us of any belief, or nonbelief, whether the majority agrees or not.

Majorities may change and though you now don’t expect it, you may someday want these precious protections you so meanly want to trample away.