To The Editor

Re: Amendment 1 “Clean Missouri?”

This amendment is a Trojan horse wrapped in populist speak, in an effort to rein in dark money contributions in elections and lobbyist influence in Missouri government.

This amendment does very little to curb “dark money,” in fact it has received $250,000 from George Soros. You may ask who he is and what interest does he have in backing this amendment. He supports many ultra-left causes (do your own research). To see more on George Soros and Amendment 1 google:

The inside of the Trojan horse contains gerrymandering of voting districts. As it is now an equal amount of Democrat and Republican appointees decide the districts. If 70 percent of them cannot come to an agreement, it is then sent to Missouri judges to draw the voting redistricting lines. This system has served Missouri well.

The Amendment 1 method would send redistricting to the Missouri state auditor’s office (an elected position). The auditor is responsible for selecting a minimum of three or more applicants. Applicants can be struck by both minority and majority Senate leaders. The remaining applicant becomes the demographer.

With Amendment 1, more dark money will flow into the auditor’s election giving more power to a less accountable and powerful demographer. Our existing system has served Missouri well.

Gerrymandering of voting districts has been done in this country by both parties. Some districts were described as wagon wheels or spaghetti subvert or divide voting districts. Some were struck down in court and ordered to be redrawn. Missouri doesn’t want gaming of districts.

Eliminating corruption in state government can be done in separate law, (which should be done). Amendment 1 does little to curb outside and inside influence; it will attract dark contributions to influence auditor elections to manipulate voting districts.

If you want to avoid deceit by stealth vote “no” to Amendment 1 “Missouri Trojan Horse.”

                   Chad Neavill

                   Lake Sherwood

                   Warren County