To The Editor:

Once again I was driven to my dictionary by your Aug. 9-10 editorial “Gay Marriage Miscalculation.” You used the word Zeitgiest. Not being of German background, that was new to me. For others like me, it means “spirit of the time,” an intellectual or moral tendencies that characterize an age or epoch.

I agree that this subject was not wise on Mr. Nieves’ part, but I also believe that our state is being used as a testing ground for the gay rights agenda.

We have seen people in high places who once made statements that they defended marriage as defined by God, make a complete turnaround, from our president down to our governor.

You say “it is not a burning issue in Franklin County.” To many of us, it is, along with abortion. I recently heard that only 1.6 percent of our U.S. population identify themselves as homosexuals. If this is fact, why do 98.4 percent allow our laws to be trampled on?

This is a moral problem. The morals of our good old USA are in the pits. Is this the sin that will destroy our country? Our Constitution was written for a moral people. John Adams said immoral people would try to destroy the Constitution, the one thing that sets us apart from other countries.

Another topic, but I am glad the lottery failed. Gambling is another moral problem.