To The Editor:

Gracious and Almighty God:

You have blessed our people with this rich land, not because we are deserving, nor because we have earned it, but because You are gracious — that is, You are full of grace to many undeserving mortals, by Your choice.

But we are continuously subject to losing what You have given, by natural means — tornado or hurricane, flood or fire. Or our losses may be through our own bad choices or even our better choices, rather than Your best choices.

We ourselves have approved of the murder of our most vulnerable citizens — many innocents who have beating hearts. Some of our morality-based institutions, including churches, have rejected their foundational principles. Our national borders are disregarded. Our finances are unstable. Our national debts cannot be paid off without mortgaging our grandchildren.

New perils are arising from our complete dependence on our great technological advancements — from computer hacking of millions to individual personal abuses. Some churches and schools are ashamed of singing “God Bless America,” even during our recent local “National Day of Prayer.”

Would our Legislature question that killing a heartbeat is truly killing a life? (They are deciding that today.) We are in trouble!

Lord, we have enjoyed Your grace and Your blessings. But we increasingly need Your mercy and Your wisdom. Without them, our county and our country are surely being transformed, not back to “one nation under God,” but to “one nation gone under,” as President Ronald Reagan warned us.

God, since You would approve of truthful repentance, by Your mercy and Your wisdom, please, God bless America, again.

In the name and under the authority of Jesus Christ,