To The Editor:

I just read the front page article, “Judge Says Jane Doe Can’t Stay Anonymous.” The article goes on to explain that the lawsuit alleges Presiding Commissioner Griesheimer led prayers mentioning “Jesus” at the commission meetings and that these prayers violated the U.S. Constitution.

I have been following this story with a passive annoyance at such a ridiculous suit, yet today reading this article and seeing in print, “led prayers mentioning Jesus,” it really hit me how sad and scary this whole suit is. This Jane Doe, who does not even have the courage to use her name with her convictions, is trying to take something precious from us.

I am constantly saddened at the direction our country is taking. Freedom after freedom are being denied to our citizens, in the name of freedom. It’s unbelievable at times knowing what our country stood for, and what it stands for now.

We are subjected to lack of morals all around us. We are made to pay for the killing of precious new life with our tax dollars. All of this and so much more is being done to us, we are told, in the name of “freedom,” and yet we as U.S. citizens of this great country are not allowed to pray the name of Jesus in a public meeting for fear of offending someone.

Where is the ACLU and our government when I am being offended by the constant barrage and insults to what I believe in? Where are they when I fear that our young will be indoctrinated by a culture that no longer has room for God in it?

May God continue to bless and shed mercy on our country and her people and may God especially bless Jane Doe.