To The Editor:

Sir, it was with great interest we watched the Alabama Senate race. The voters of the state when given the choice of pedophile or Democrat chose wisely. It has been with great apprehension that I’ve watched our political situation unfold. The election result redeemed my faith in my fellow citizens. Be we liberal or conservative, we are American, and the sole determinants of our fate.

I have realized our future belongs to the activist. Apathy is our greatest enemy. The black mothers of Alabama, the true moral majority, were galvanized to action. And now it is our turn, to take our future in hand and be responsive. It’s time to take back representation of ourselves into our own hands, and speak up to your representatives. Apathy will not be our defeat.

That being the case, I phoned my duly elected representative, Blaine Luetkemeyer. I signed up long ago to receive his updated newsletters, which include several methods of contact, and a reply link. I used this reply link one time to express my reservations about his unreserved enthusiasm for the coal industry. He replied with a form letter expressing thanks for my interest. There was no reply link to ask him about the coal.

So I went to his website to contact him, where there is an impressive list of office phone numbers, which all go to voice mail. OK, I’m flexible, I’ll email him. The instructions are to enter your code with even a link to the postal service, if you don’t know your ZIP code. So I’m no pilgrim, I enter my ZIP, expecting to get an active reply box.

There is none. You can’t blame Blaine with the given options. Gentlemen, there is only one way of getting your representative’s attention. You’ll have to vote.