To The Editor:

Due to ill health, I was unable to attend the Memorial Day service at Rennick Riverfront Park. However, I read the article in the May 30, 2018, Missourian with interest, especially, where Mayor Sandy Lucy stated it is important to seek out stories from veterans and pass them along.

At the 50th anniversary of World War II, the 197th Battalion, Battery C Reunion in Omaha, Neb., the Battle of Waimes was discussed, which was the first time the wives heard about it. Shortly thereafter, my husband passed away and I had a phone call from Pat Lewis of Ballwin, Mo., a grandson of one of the veterans in the 197th Battalion, asking me what I knew about the Battle of Waimes. He stated he had researched a lot of books. Nothing was written about the battle and he would like to write a book about it.

The Germans had taken over the American Field Hospital and millions of dollars of American equipment. So, Capt. Bill Olcott made the decision to go back in and take all of it back from the Germans. My husband was the lead driver. They succeeded and Bill received the Silver Star.

May I suggest everyone read this book. Visit the Washington Public Library and ask for the book, “In the Bucket.” Pat personally interviewed or telephoned the men who were still living and has reiterated what they told him in the book.

I think you will find it an interesting story. Richest blessings to all the veterans.