To The Editor:

Another Sunday listening to the political experts, I have been looking at the political arena two different ways.

1. I look at what has been accomplished for the country and the people, and from my observation that is nothing.

2. I then look at what has been done to the country and the people, and when I look at this the offenses against the people and the country are endless.

Today’s government, federal and state, is under control of the GOP. Not able to supply good health care for the people, they switched to a tax cut. The little I know of it would be added to the above 2.

Another problem I see is the GOP does not want the people to vote for or against any program of its choosing (Deregulation, New World Order, CAFTA and NAFTA agreements, Right to Work) by three GOP presidents and one Democrat. We, the people, should let all legislators know we will not accept any less health care for us than we provide for them; why not include us on the plan we provide for them; how many times have they told us, the more that sign on the cheaper it becomes?

I also fear mandates, ACA plan Part D prescription drug plan, 30 million private pension plans mandated; mandates to the people come with penalties attached.