To The Editor:

In a world where there is so much negativity, I wanted to share a special story.

After their July 2, 2017, game, the American Legion Post 218 baseball team hosted a “Run the Bases” event for All Abilities Athletics, Inc., athletes.

All Abilities Athletics is a Washington nonprofit organization that provides first-class sporting opportunities to area kids with special needs, such as Aicardi syndrome, spina bifida, autism, Down syndrome, etc. That All Abilities strives to provide first-class sporting opportunities to these amazing kids makes it a perfect fit with a first-class baseball team like Post 218.

With Post 218’s game completed (and won!), the All Abilities athletes filed onto the field.

“Do you want to run with me? Let’s run!” said one player to an All Abilities athlete.

Around the bases they went, one athlete with one player. The smiles were priceless. The pride was palpable. The kindness was extraordinary. An athlete whose condition impairs his ability to walk was swept up by a player and carried around the bases.

Some athletes ran multiple times, kindly accommodated by their Post 218 player.

After running the bases, some of the All Abilities athletes hit a ball off a tee onto the field.

The event was a wonderful, invaluable experience for the All Abilities athletes and their parents, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Post 218 and their coach. Not only did they let us come, they put their hearts into it.

As the late Tim Russet quoted his late father, “Big Russ,” as saying, “What a country!” To that we would respectfully and in gratitude add, “What a team!”

Thank you, Post 218!