To The Editor:

The war between good and evil — God and Satan — began at the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time. 

It goes on around us every day and we will be on one side or the other. Remember this, evil things happen when good people do nothing. Evil things are happening in our country because there are not enough good people fighting back. 

I am a Christian and I am very angry when I see what is happening in our country. Our country was founded and established by Christians, our laws are based on God’s laws, and our motto is “In God We Trust.” 

Our country is under attack by evil people who desperately want to remove God from our midst. The latest is to remove a 40-foot cross — a World War II Veterans Memorial in Blandenburg, Md. 

Now the American Humanist Association say it is unconstitutional and they want it removed or the arms cut off. This memorial was built 92 years ago at the request of the mothers whose sons’ bodies never came home. To them it was a common gravestone for those whose bodies were left overseas.

All this is due to the so-called separation of church and state. This questionable ruling based on twisted facts in a liberal court was a major victory for them in the courts. 

It certainly was not what the Founders intended. Anti-Christian organizations have used this questionable ruling to try to strip all symbols of our Christian God from the public square and they won’t stop there. If these organizations continue to gain ground and succeed, we will not know our country back from what it once was. Have we become a bunch of hypocrites singing “God Bless America?” That is a prayer set to music and was our anthem for many years. Our Christian country is slipping away from us because good people are not doing enough to stop it.

Thank God there are a number of Christian law groups fighting against them in the courts. These groups depend on donations to operate and survive. 

I would like to encourage Christians to help support them. Three groups that I know of are the ACLJ — American Center for Law and Justice, ADF — Alliance Defending Freedom, and First Liberty Institute. First Liberty is the one involved in the Blandenburg cross case. 

I hate to think about what an ugly dark place our country could become without them. Christians need to unite and stand strong together to fight back against a growing number of anti-Christian organizations that are trying to destroy our country from within.