To The Editor:

To all the farmers, farm workers and families: I feel compelled to thank you for your service to the people of the U.S.A. and beyond.

Thank you for your hard work, your extreme expense for the equipment you need, in the heat when planting and harvesting the crops, in the cold and colder weather when you care for and feed the beef cattle or hogs to ready them for the market. We thank you repeatedly.

We thank the veterans, the first responders, the law enforcement officers, the firemen and all their families and rightly so!

But rarely have I seen any newspaper editorial to say: God bless and reward our faithful farm people and their families who participate in this great service to all of mankind.

The truckers and merchants, the shopkeepers and sellers, and all who work with them deserve a thank you, too.

Bless all these families, living and dead, whose generosity sustained us in so many ways to share God’s gifts with all the lives they touch.

In Jesus’ name, bless all of our wonderful caregivers whose labor and love bring God’s mission to us.