To The Editor:

What kind of a nation have we become?

I hardly recognize this country any more. When unsubstantiated accusations are sufficient to determine guilt or innocence of a person, then we are on the path to a “revolution” not seen since France in the 1790s or the Communist revolutions everywhere around the world in the 20th century. In that “new world order,” the rule of law, on which we have prided ourselves through our history as a nation, will no longer be extant.

The  vitriol spewing forth in the “political process” as represented by the current Supreme Court confirmation hearings is a disgrace. Make no mistake, these hearings are about raw power. To the politicians fighting this battle Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh are nothing more than pawns to be sacrificed on the altar of raw power. 

Let us not delude ourselves into thinking this is about sexual assault. If that were the real issue here it would have been brought to the fore many, many years ago, not dropped like a bomb at the 11th hour by unscrupulous politicians seeking to stop this nomination.

Having been personally subjected to many background investigations throughout my 27 years in the Navy and 22 years in the private sector, I know that the dedicated investigators who completed the six investigations of Judge Kavanaugh would have discovered these allegations long ago if they were factual.

In my own case, I know that several of my high school classmates were contacted by investigators 40 years after my graduation in order to determine my suitability for positions of trust. People subjected to extensive background investigations for the purpose of granting security clearances (or nomination to the highest court in the land) cannot hide allegations supported by facts and evidence!

No, the unscrupulous politicians who are involved in this latest “witch hunt” are only interested in gaining power by any means. They have demonstrated that they cannot regain that power through the strength of their ideas at the ballot box. When character assassination is their only method of securing their ends they will not hesitate to assassinate, as they have done in Judge Kavanaugh’s case.

Personally, I see no reason to believe either Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford. I believe in facts, evidence and the six background investigations that have been conducted over the last 20-plus years. If even one of those investigations had turned up any facts or evidence of this despicable allegation of sexual assault, we wouldn’t be here today.

It is unscrupulous politicians we need to fear, not Supreme Court nominees. If character assassination is not beyond the pale for them, what more are they willing to do to your brother or your father in the name of their definition of “justice”?