To The Editor:

As  I read The Missourian I am greatly concerned about some of the topics I’m aware of, particularly those of the homeless people in the city of Washington and crimes they are involved in.

I have done a little unscientific research regarding this subject and have discovered there are around 100 homeless people in the city of Washington. I have seen their tents and living quarters and it raises the question of . . . What is the city of Washington’s stance on homeless people? I just read about a homeless man and sex offender camped out by a preschool.

I know this letter will come across to some folks of the liberal mentality as cruel and heartless, and we should love all of God’s creatures. As a city, are we just going to allow these vagrants to wander the streets? I see them walking up and down Fifth Street. I see them sitting in Lafayette Plaza. They also like to hang out in the parks shelter houses. I see them line up at the soup kitchen downtown and it makes me wonder. I see people who look perfectly healthy and capable of working.

Perhaps the word has gotten out that the city of Washington is a nice place to be. They can get food and sleep in the park and along the walking trail. Are our parks and recreation areas becoming “Hobo Jungles?”

I am too much of the old school mentality . . . if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I believe there is plenty of opportunity to earn a living and rise above living in a tent on the riverfront. The good book also says “God helps them who help themselves.”

Look at what has happened in California where it seems most everyone is on the dole. Does Washington want to have a “Hooverville” on the riverfront? It all starts with a pup tent, then a shantytown.

I realize some of my thoughts are harsh. I don’t want a child hurt by some of these homeless folks.