To The Editor:

In response to Mr. Ho-berock’s letter regarding Prop A, there are a few things he forgot to mention. 

First is what unions have done for the workers in this country. Without unions workers would be making poverty wages, have no insurance, no hope of a decent retirement and paid vacations — forget about it. 

Now I realize Prop A doesn’t do away with unions, but it is the first step. The people who work for unions can pay dues and still have more than those who work nonunion jobs. 

Secondly, working a union job and not paying taxes is like living in a country and not paying taxes. 

Thirdly, it seems strange to me that the groups pushing this idea are the owners and executives of companies. They seem to be able to take their share but don’t want the workers to have a decent life. And, if we eventually unions to stand up for the workers, do you honestly think that the executives are going to lower their product prices in proportion to the cost saved by not paying workers a living wage? 

If you believe this, you are living in an alternate universe. Wake up, people, protect your salary and benefits and vote no on Prop A.