To The Editor:

I want to write this while I can do it nicely; that is, before someone runs a stop sign and damages my car, and maybe, me as well.

We’ve all come to a four-way stop to see a driver on the cross street who would not have stopped if we weren’t sitting there. Yes, you can tell. Many of us have come to an intersection to see a driver run a stop sign because he/she has already chosen to ignore it.

We’re all in a hurry — I  get it. Do you decide before a right turn, “There’s no one coming, so I’ll just slip around the corner without stopping” so you can shave three seconds off your errands? If you do that safely enough times, will you choose not to stop at all?

And please don’t tell me you missed the stop because you were on your cellphone. Special recognition goes to the woman in the SUV who nearly backed over me because she wouldn’t leave her parking space at Aldi’s before getting on her phone. A thought: Just because Jeff City made it legal to talk and drive doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Ah, yes — texting. Even if you hold the phone up in front of the steering wheel, you are not paying attention to the most important thing you’re doing. You might as well drive with your eyes closed, which you would have to admit is not a good idea. Another thought: the “real world” is all around you, not on that screen.

Parents especially, please remember that you’re teaching your children how to drive. You know they’re watching. Be sure you want your kids to drive like you do.

We are a civilized people who have a few traffic laws to help keep us from hurting one another with large machinery. Let’s try to stay civilized.