To The Editor:

The horrible tragedy at Charlottesville, Va., should never have been allowed to happen.

Had the governor of the state been doing his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and to protect the people of his state and their democratic rights, he would have seen to it that the two explosive groups would have been kept well apart and not allowed to mix it up as they were free to do.

As it was, the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the white supremacists had a legal permit to march and should have been allowed to demonstrate peacefully, with police protection and without interference, however distasteful and repugnant their views may be.

Had they been virtually ignored by the press and those whose views were diametrically opposed and the Democrat governor, McAuliffe, been up to his job, the event would have probably passed by with scant attention.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the governor could not resist the opportunity to use the event politically to twist it into another adverse event to blame on Trump.

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel exhorted while he was still working for President Obama “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” As it is, his Chicago is in constant turmoil and crisis with an ever-increasing murder rate.

It is no secret and no coincidence that Gov. McAuliffe has higher political aspirations and hopes to be the slick “glamour boy” of the Democrats for the 2020 presidential election.

He not only failed to act in a timely fashion ahead of time to prevent the inevitable result of the two opposing groups from having their violent fight, he also let it play out for two hours before finally declaring an emergency.

As could have been easily predicted and expected, the anti-Trumpers and the liberal media sought to skewer President Trump as the scapegoat however they could. After repeatedly demanding that the president condemn the people composing the demonstrating group, even after he did, they said that his condemnation was “no good” because “he didn’t really mean it.”

What kind of twisted nonsense is that?