To The Editor:

Michael Gerson’s commentary of 10/4/17, concerning Judge Roy Moore of Alabama makes me wonder about the source of Gerson’s vitriol, given his original educational and religious influences.

How could Gerson have become such an establishment progressive, given his St. Louis-area high school education? Or maybe he was actually instructed at some Ivy League school, rather than at Wheaton College. He sounds more like the Clinton News Network.

His succeeding commentary (10/7-8/17) reflects that he may have today’s administration confused with the previous administration leaders and their opposition party followers. Finger-pointing usually results in broken fingers.

Such vitriol (something that smells like sulfur) makes me wonder what problem Gerson has with Judge Moore and the “Ten Big Ones.” Maybe he cannot remember them, or maybe he rejects them. “Honor the only God of the Universe and don’t murder, don’t cuss, don’t steal someone else’s property.” Got a problem with that, Michael? Like a U.S. judge wrote, “We musn’t post the Ten Commandments publicly, lest they be read, and (horrors) they might be obeyed.”

As for Trump or Moore, they are not perfect, but neither are we. At least they are upholding the honor of our nation and our heritage, rather than  degrading it. Sorry about that, Westminster Academy.