The latest and greatest things most often disappoint and are tossed aside. The Cardinals acquired a new outfielder and a new pitcher! Let’s not forget that last year’s new hopes are on the trading block. There is a new iPhone X! Wanna bet there will be an iPhone XI that will be new and improved (and then an iPhone XII and on and on). The newest and greatest have a tendency to become old and out of date. Rarely does the newest great thing have a lasting benefit.

Truth be told, many aren’t even aware of what their greatest need really is. No wonder the newest, greatest things don’t pan out that way. Our greatest need is, in fact, that our relationship with God has been broken by our sin, by the fact we think we know better than God. It is a brokenness that we cannot fix. So God did. He sent the final, once and for all, greatest thing. He sent His Son into our world that first Christmas. This Jesus would die and rise to forgive your sin and conquer your death. That victory means peace now and the certainty that the greatest of things are in our future when we will live forever with Christ. That is truly great!

I am yours in Christ.