To The Editor:

A big thank you to Kevin Quaethem and the entire crew of the Washington Public Works Department.

Their quick action prevented what could have easily been a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and business when a water main broke on Elm Street late the evening of Wednesday, April 11. Kevin and his crew went above and beyond in an effort to stop the flow of thousands of gallons of water into the YHTI/Elm Street office center. They worked tirelessly throughout the night and the next day in a nearly hopeless effort to turn the water off. The shutoff valves could not be turned off due to age and the crew was forced to attempt repairs while the water was flowing at a tremendous rate.

Kevin and crew, we cannot thank you enough! Yes, we were dismayed that this happened in the first place but the thoughtfulness and efforts of the crew somehow made the problem seem much better.

Thank you also to the Washington Police Department for its assistance throughout the night and morning and in its assistance in contacting Ameren Electric emergency dispatch.

To the Ameren emergency technician (I am sorry, in the confusion we did not get his name) who spent hours with us on standby to disconnect/connect electric services as needed through the night. (By now all of our reserve generators were underwater.)

Thanks to everyone’s help a disastrous event turned out better than expected.

Fred, Linda and Rick Becker,

And the Entire YHTI Staff