To The Editor:

Dr. John Crane needs to find a hobby, other than writing weekly letters blasting our president. I hope Doc Crane knows that he is in the minority here, and his psycho babble is starting to wear on people. The people reading The Missourian are not your patients. I understand that you are looking for a reason to be significant since you have been retired, but bashing the president with whom millions of people elected, does not make you any more important.

Hillary Clinton allowed Russians to purchase uranium while receiving kickbacks through the Clinton Foundation. That’s not a crime?

Obama allowed billions of dollars to flow through Iran while it used that money to back Hezbollah and other terrorists organizations. How is that not an issue? Obama traded five Gitmo detainees for a U.S. soldier who deserted his post. Subsequently, several soldiers were severely injured and or killed while looking for said soldier while the five Gitmo detainees were back in the trenches fighting against the Americans.

Oh, and that U.S. soldier pled guilty to desertion and endangering fellow soldiers.

Obama also caused the divide between black, white, civilian and peace officers. He would immediately side with the criminal and ostracize the police before he would have all the facts.

Doc Crane, not everyone has your wealth or sense of importance. When you feel the need to write another condescending letter to the people of Franklin County, maybe you should just get on your tractor and cruise your small farm at the edge of the city. Breathe the fresh air and be happy you live in the United States of America.