To The Editor:

The president of the United States suggests that the best way to prevent a school shooting is to have armed teachers in the school. Then, if someone gets through the school entrance security, the armed teacher can shoot and kill the intruder. A simple solution? No, an idiotic idea. 

It seems like every day we see examples of how difficult it is for highly trained law enforcement professionals to make that high pressure judgment of when to shoot or not to shoot a suspect. To put that kind of responsibility on a teacher is ludicrous. No teacher should be put into a situation where the teacher has to kill another human being and risk one’s life in the process. 

Maybe the president needs to talk to his NRA supporters and the gun and ammunition manufacturers to foot the bill for putting trained and experienced professional armed security people in the schools. 

The gun and ammo industries are the ones that are reaping the rewards for the free flow of killing tools in this country and can afford to fund needed armed school security. 

Once upon the time the NRA was a good supporter of sporting firearm owners. It now promotes giving everyone a gun and the opportunity to shoot and kill a person that might appear to threaten the individual. 

It also is making it possible for anarchists to create arsenals for some future armed revolt by way of their interpretation of the Second Amendment. 

The NRA has continually spread the propaganda that any type of responsible gun legislation would lead to weapon confiscation. That is the biggest fake news of all!